Highly. You define

Highly. You define Highly on a tree a nest, highly on a balcony mother waves ruoh, highly over a door of a case dolls in the improvised jump private theatricals.


You define any more a subject imperceptibly for itself the child will seize spatial, temporary and other concepts.

TOMORROW, The grandmother will come tomorrow.

To kindergarten we will go tomorrow correlate this word that occurs systematically, instead of from a case to to case.

Is NOT PRESENT instead of no.

It will give the chance to fulfill not one, and two syllables.

Together with the kid you is discouraged make a helpless gesture, looking for and not finding the hidden toy.

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Carrying out indirect

Carrying out indirect Until then there will not arrive yet ambulance, densely press a wound.

Carrying out indirect massage of heart and artificial breath Carrying out indirect massage of heart and artificial breath can learn from popular scientific medical literature or specialized medical editions.

The best way of training nevertheless is passing of a special course of firstaid treatment by the victim.


DEMANDING EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE Carrying out indirect massage of heart and artificial breath is necessary in the following cases the child does not breathe; the complicated breath is noted, coloring of integuments becomes gray or cyanotic; there is no pulse or palpitation.

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Further they

Further they The hero on to the picture eats with appetite, listens attentively, runs quickly, or slowly, looks with interest, or absentmindedly etc.

depending on the child in the speech relation, I all how is advanced and developed more and more I complicate chains.

Imperceptibly for the child the chain expands, being gradually enriched all parts of speech.

These chains help it to carry out transition to phrase speech, to the use of widespread offers to to the matter we still will return.

Further they will help it to make stories according to pictures.

And the most important in it develops it own intuition when detailed explanations are not become necessary also all and amendments you do helps by the way.

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It is useful

It is useful Besides, to fivesixto years the child already should be able to carry out someduties for example to clean after itselfFamily lessons of doctor Spock toys.

At first it do together with it, but graduallythe kid should let know that at it toothere are duties.

It is useful to give to the child such instructions,which it can carry out together with othersmembers of the family.

For example, working at kitchentogether with adults, he will be proudfor that is occupied with the real business.

From six to eleven independence and responsibility.

During this period the child becomesmuch more independent of parents and responsiblefor the acts.

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Let's play

Let's play Game course Suggest children to play in a bear and hare.

Let's play in a bear and hare.

I will tell a rhyme and to show movements, and you repeat for me! at a bear house big OYOYOY! we speak a deep voice, we lift hands up And at hare the small AHAHAH! we speak a thin voice, we squat on hunkers Our bear went home OYOYOY! we speak a deep voice, we go waddlingly And crumb AHAHAH! we speak a thin voice, having pressed palms to a breast, we jump on two feet After working off in speech of imitative words OYOYOY, AHAHAH, it is possible to start working off of words and phrases.

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